Abel Splinter

Abel Splinter (1982) lives and works in The Hague. He studied there at the Royal Conservatoire. From the year 2000 till 2010 he worked together with Niels Vermeulen and Jurgen van Harskamp under the names:
Mental Marble (acoustic), Sobchek (electronic) and Klankstaal (world music).

They made the records: We Play (2001), The Wild Goose Found (2002), Melt (2004), Oddly Tit Bits (2005, with Harmen Sipkema), Knaak (2008), Mister Green (2008), recorded by Harmen Sipkema) and Gouden Ruyters (2010).

For the last five years, Abel has been releasing solo albums:


At the moment Abel is working on a double-cd, where he works together with befriended musicians, whom he got to know in the past 15 years in the music scene.


“When I start a new composition I often think: Which chord combinations have I never used or heard? Which combinations of instruments have I never used? Hey, I’ve never played this before, what would happen if…? What do I want to hear? Focusing on these kind of questions creates my compositions. They are very diverse and I don’t want to pigeonhole them. They are what they are: my personal development. It’s painting with sounds, playing with words, experimenting with recording, planing and sanding. Or… if I am lucky, it comes in at once and I don’t have to change anything.

Those are the magic moments”.